Richard Blanco

His creative career began as an assistant studio hand for a Spanish-language television station in Los Angeles. It was a precarious time in his life and some amazing friends took him under their wings arranging for him to work at the studio at night. His duties were to clean the set, sweep the studio floor and turn off the lights. When the set needed updating, Richard jumped at the opportunity. That set design, built in his parent’s backyard, led to a real position as the station’s art director and launched his career. 

Over his 20 years in television creative services, Richard has created marketing campaigns for client’s small and large and picked up many awards along the way. He’s become an excellent writer and has been called a brilliant producer/director. As a video editor, he combines speed, art, and emotion to create content that resonates. And he’s still pretty good at set design. 

Most importantly, he never forgot those amazing friends who bent and broke the rules to give him a home where he could flourish.

About Us

Copper Canyon Productions, or as its now known, CCP 360, specializes in marketing to Hispanic America. We understand the passion points that unite all Hispanics and the nuances that define the cultures that make up this rich, diverse community. Look to us for our expertise in Healthcare marketing, package goods, and food related product marketing as well as political and social cause marketing. And of course, at our heart, we excel at all forms of production.


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